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Mona Hatoum1 August 2013

Palestinian born British artist Mona Hatoum is an interesting artist to study in these times Her art and her life draw on both Western and Middle Eastern cultures and themes that, although rooted in... more

Post Modernism1 August 2013

Of all movements in art and design history, Post Modernism is perhaps the most controversial. If Modernism upheld utopian visions, Post Modernism destroyed them, welcoming instability, pastiche, complexity... more

James Turrell1 August 2013

James Turrel is known as a light artist, but he doesn't depict light, he makes light. He works his magic in vast shifting rays of natural and colored artificial light that create a contemplative, meditative... more

Comic Advice27 July 2013

Scott McCloud packs a lot of information into this 20 minute TED Talk, where he tells us about his experience making comics. But the talk is about more than comics, it is about art, life, science, the... more

Reflections on Creativity 24 July 2013

I have gathered some reflections on the creative process from an assortment of writers, artists and psychologists. Hopefully you will delve deeper into the ones that you find most interesting, and gain... more

The Kimono22 July 2013

For students interested in exploring fashion, tradition and culture in Japan, the Kimono presents a rich and fascinating subject both for investigation and studio creation. Kimono's have a social history... more

The Other Westfree22 July 2013

Your school may be in the Western world and you wonder how to expose your students to other cultures first hand. Exhibitions are always a fantastic way of seeing art from other parts of the world, as... more

Artists Looking at Culture20 July 2013

Exploring historical and cultural contexts from an artists point of view Lately I have been asking myself, how do we get students to explore historical and cultural contexts using the eyes of an artist?... more

Drawing from Naturefree18 July 2013

There is great value in looking directly at the natural world rather than reading about it in books or copy images of images. I am surprised how often students will choose to copy a photograph of a... more

Claude Glass Painting Exercise14 July 2013

Looking through a brown glass facilitates seeing values, much as putting a sepia tinted filter on a photo makes it tonal. The modern day Claude Glass effect is easily achieved with a click on the computer. more