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Scientific Illustration9 July 2013

This page appears also in Teaching Ideas, Drawing from Nature There are fields of specialization in botanical, biological, medical illustration that are quite different in spirit from fine arts, emphasizing... more

The Teenage Brain28 June 2013

"I would there were no age between sixteen and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting wenches... more

Feedback19 June 2013

When offering students encouragement, we are doing much more than simply praising or criticizing. We are tuning into what is really going on. Maybe they need some practical... more

Your Taste is Killer17 June 2013

Ira Glass, the wonderful story teller and radio presenter (This American Life) shares some encouraging words with anyone trying to do creative work. The text is all his, the animation is done by David... more

A Teacher's Influence11 March 2013

In my experience as a visiting examiner I have seen varying degrees of teacher influence on the students work, ranging from non existent to very heavy handed. The teachers' influence can amd should be... more

Studio Habits of Mind11 March 2013

This page is for teachers who are interested in the psychology of the studio and is not an IB ART specific resource. I find this a fascinating subject: what... more

10 Lessons the Arts Teach11 March 2013

If ever you are in need of defending art education, just quote from Elliot Eisner's points here Elliot Eisner on NAEA, National Art Education 1. The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative... more

Academic Honesty23 December 2012

The IB has created a twenty-one page booklet entitled Academic Honesty which outlines what is considered acceptable and unacceptable practice The entire publication can be found on the Online Curriculum... more

Nothing is Original16 October 2012

Picasso said every artist is a thief, Jim Jarmusch says steal what speaks to your soul. more

Using personal stories15 January 2012

In the IB assessment criteria this is listed in one of the criterion. What does this actually mean? It does not mean that every student must turn to their inner turmoil as a source of material for ideas,... more