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Visual Arts in Education28 April 2019

The study of visual art, its processes and ideas, is a journey that offers rewards beyond the creation of art itself. Art requires that we find new ways of thinking and looking at the world, and in doing... more

Regina, Exhibition HL28 April 2019

The lure of verisimilitudeMany students try to make realistic drawings based on photographs, which more often than not result in stiff, lifeless "copies". I always encourage drawing from life rather... more

Joanna, Process Portfolio HLfree28 April 2019

Thanks to Joanna and her teacher Rachel Kirby at UWC Costa Rica for sharing this very engaging process portfolio. Joanna received 34 out of 34 for this portfolio, full marks! Even though she got a 5 on... more

Zere, CS HL28 April 2019

This example of an organized and articulate Comparative Study earned Zere a 7. She was motivated by her interest in photography and by her own cultural experiences as a female in the middle east, to... more

Elodie, Comparative Study, HL28 April 2019

an interesting premise for a comparison...Thanks to Julien Guibreteau for sharing Elodie's work with us. Her mark was 32 out of 42 , which makes it a 6. ( see Grade Boundaries ). I think it is a very... more

Agata, CS HLfree28 April 2019

This is a fine example of a Comparative study that received a 7. Agata looks at a selection of artworks by two artists from different cultural contexts, Katarina Fritsch and Anish Kapoor, making relevant... more

Mila, CS HL28 April 2019

For her Comparative Study Mila chose to focus on two artists from very different cultural and historical backgrounds.She analyses three artworks by each artist that explore the idea of space, home and... more

Film and Video as Teaching Aides20 April 2019

Films and videos on artists are widely and readily available. How can we make active rather than passive use of these valuable resources? Studies have shown that students ware likely to gain much more... more

Art History Videos19 April 2019

How Art Made The World is a 2005 five-part BBC One documentary series.Each episode looks at the influence of art on the current day situation of our society. What I like about this is It isn't so much... more

Process Portfolio Format17 April 2019

In 2017 the IB revised the PP to allow artwork presented in the final exhibition to be included in the PP. Be sure to label it as" My own work in Exhibition". This doesn't mean that the work submitted... more