CS Assessment Criteria

IB Visual Arts: CS Assessment Criteria

There are 5 assessed criteria, with the addition of one more for HL (F). These criteria address the areas of learning within this component (part 1 CS) that are expected of the student: critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate, and compare, using art language, research and personal insight.A(For a more visual overview have a look at the diagram Easy Visual Analysis that synthesizes the...

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Kim Morris 28 August 2017 - 18:56

Hi Heather,
I have a student comparing Arthur Rackham's Alice in Wonderland illustrations with Ralph Steadman's Alice in Wonderland. Would this difference in time frame (approx 100 years) be considered different cultural contexts? She would obviously need to discuss context, society, values etc..

Heather McReynolds 29 August 2017 - 12:36

Hi Kim, i think this is a great comparison, with lots to comment on, and certainly contextually different, but to be on the safe side ( if you get some super picky examiner) add a third artwork, from a different cultural background, like Walt Disney...

Erin Kenealy 25 September 2017 - 08:14

Hi Heather,
I have a student in my Year 2 class that is very involved with theatre and has used this for the focus and inspiration of most of her works,. She would like to compare a still frame from the Disney animated "Beauty and the Beast" to a traditional version of the dramatic performance (live action/Braodway) to an illustrated image from the story. Would this work for the CS or do you believe it will be difficult for her to meet the markband descriptors? She would also have to ensure that one of her selections meets the difference in cultural context, which may be challenging.
I've never had a student focus on an animated or live action performance for their CS, so I am unsure if this is a good direction for her.
Thanks so much!

Heather McReynolds 26 September 2017 - 21:14

Hi Erin, the illustrated image and the still from disney animation would be acceptable but the dramatic performance might fall out side the range of fine and applied arts...., better to find a third visual version I think- maybe more contemporary?

andrew watson 29 October 2017 - 18:33

Hi Heather
Just to ask a point of clarification on number of works. 'At least 3 artworks by at least two artists'. I take this to mean two by one of the artists and one by the other. Is that right?

I have a student who is comparing architectural works with paintings. I M Pie (Suzhou museum) with works by Mondrian and Van Doesburg, which seems a good and relevant choice. One other student is comparing photography with fine art pieces. Are these both okay?
I have only recently started teaching these students so I just wanted to make sure.

Heather McReynolds 30 October 2017 - 16:10

Yes, two by one, one by other, or two by each if she prefers. Those choices sound reasonable, the first one relevant for sure, the other depends on choice of works- always best to choose artworks that have published material....

andrew watson 29 October 2017 - 18:40

Hi Heather
I have one further question.

A student has 2 artists and 6 works. I'm assuming that each work will not require the three main criteria of 'Formal Analysis', 'Function and Purpose' and 'Cultural Significance', as this would make the study too long and unwieldy. As long as the 3 criteria are covered, is this okay?
Thanks again

Heather McReynolds 30 October 2017 - 16:07

you are right in thinking this Andrew!

Marita Redondo 22 January 2018 - 19:46

Hi Heather,
I know the SL number limit of slides is 15 but if the first slide is a Title Slide (only saying Comparative Study) will it be counted as one of the 15?

Heather McReynolds 22 January 2018 - 22:10

Maritia, I think most examiners would recognize it as a title slide and not count it as o e of the 15

Stephen Jones 14 March 2018 - 01:54

Hello Heather,
I have a student who, for the CS, has chosen three artworks depicting women. One is a ukiyo-e from Japan by a Japanese artist, another is by Monet ( painting of his wife dressed Japanese style ) and the third is a painting by Van Gogh ( after a ukiyo - e print ). In terms of more than one cultural context, does the Monet and Van Gogh count as different cultural contexts or one? In any case she has two cultural contexts with Japan and Europe and a clear connection between the two. Is this ok? What specifically does same cultural origin mean?

Heather McReynolds 14 March 2018 - 08:59

two contrasting cultural contexts is sufficient, so this is acceptable.

javeria Ali 3 April 2018 - 07:58

Hello Heather,
one of my students want to do her comparative study on an art piece made by Pakistani artist she saw in recent visit to a biennial. The art piece following title and rational as whole is comprised of varied sized small pieces . i want to ask if the entire piece will be counted as one piece or she need to investigate part of it for her comparative study ?

Heather McReynolds 3 April 2018 - 20:04

Javeria, im not sure i understand your question- in the CS she would look at the whole piece surely....

javeria Ali 4 April 2018 - 04:58

Ok Thank you

Beth Everhart 4 April 2018 - 14:09

Hi Heather,
Which of these CS rubrics provides the percentage breakdowns of each criteria?''
Thank you, Beth

Heather McReynolds 4 April 2018 - 17:40

The last one Beth, CS assessment criteria full breakdown

Ina Isnaedi 9 April 2018 - 06:02

Hi Heather, thank you this provides very helpful guidance. For the link to "For more about HL Criterion F go to new site page: CS,HL Making Connections", I can't seem to be able to link to it. Could I ask for your help in checking it please?

Heather McReynolds 9 April 2018 - 19:53

its here thinkib.net -

Pablo Oliveros 12 April 2018 - 19:11

Hi Heather, I can't seem to find this information, although I am sure I've seen it before.
Can students use resolved work from their exhibition in their CS? I know that double dipping is allowed in the PP, but what about the CS? Thank you.

Heather McReynolds 13 April 2018 - 10:04

Hi Pablo, yes of course, the student work referred to in the CS can be exhibition work or process work, the HL CS assessment is on making connections, not the work itself.

Pablo Oliveros 13 April 2018 - 18:13

Thank you so much. That makes it clear.

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