Holistic Marking Rubric

An Integrated Approach

This page is in response to requests from teachers for a rubric for marking students during the early part of the course before the achievement outcomes are reached. This flexible rubric doesn't rely on the criteria for the completed assessed components ( CS, PP, Ex) but is in alignment with the assessment aims and objectives.

For much of the course in fact, our marking should reflect the students learning in the three interconnected area of the syllabus : Visual Arts Methods, Visual Arts in Context, Communicating Visual Arts (see Understanding the New Syllabus for more ), which are the basis for the skills needed to meet the assessment criteria for the final "exam" - in our case, a digital submission. I have included examples of what each areas might look like in terms of student development.

You can use this rubric to give your students feedback in each of the three areas without actually marking a finished CS, PP, or a final exhibition, and to help justify the marks given for semester/term grades.

The rubric has an extra box for special projects, which could vary term by term, for example: a mid term exhibition, a critique, a workshop, an exhibition visit response...

Download or print pdf Holistic Marking Rubric

For marks from 1-7 refer to the Group 6 Grade Descriptors

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