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This website began primarily for IB art teachers but recently we have opened it up to students as well with all kinds of new features for distance and blended learning. Our aim is to help you, to enable your students to realise their full potential, and to gain as high a mark as possible in art for their IB Diploma.

There are many different ways to teach the two year course and each teacher will have his/her own way of approaching Curriculum Planning. The site is arranged in a flexible way so that teachers can tailor it to suit their own individual way of teaching. Irrespective of exactly how you deliver the course, it is well worth giving students direct access to large parts of the site as it contains much that they can use on their own to improve their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art.

However your students can only gain this access if you set it up for them. I strongly encourage you to do this! New material is being added all the time to make student access an indespensible feature of the site.

Student Access is free to all students in subscribing schools.

The amount of access you give to your students can be controlled directly by you.

Some of the pages are only available for teachers to see -yellow 

some are available to students if their teacher selects it  -orange

and others are always available for viewing by students. -  blue

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Advantages to students who have access

You will need to explore the site thoroughly for yourself but students should find the following particularly helpful.

 Student Gallery

You can select which of these examples of high scoring student work in all 3 components  to share with your students

Comparative Study Gallery

Many excellent examples of students' comparative studies.

Process Portfolio Gallery

In this section you will find top scoring examples of students' Process Portfolio submissions.

Exhibition Gallery

 slideshows of students' exhibition photos with texts and extracts from their Curatorial Rationale..

Assessment Pages

Students have access to assessment criteria, rubrics and uploading information in the blue pages ( open access)

CS Assessment Criteria

There are 5 assessed criteria, with the addition of one more for HL (F). These criteria address the areas of learning within this component (part 1 CS) that are expected of the student: critical thinking...

PP Asssessment Criteria

On this page you will find There are 5 assessment criteria for the PP, for a total of 34 marks A Skills, techniques and processes: 12 marksB Critical investigation: 6 marks

Exhibition Assessment Criteria

It is Internally Assessed by you the teacher and externally moderated.Both SL and HL students select and present their own original, resolved artworks accompanied by exhibition texts and a written curatorial...

Resources, References etc

These are in high demand! Students need lists of web resources, information about referencing, art vocabulary etc

Formal Elements of Art

The formal elements are an fundamental part of visual analysis This page appears under the The Comparative Study as well, when your students are analyzing an artwork in the CS they will need to refer...

Referencing and Citing Sources

A reference is a way of indicating to the reader, in an orderly form, where information has been obtained. References must be cited because they acknowledge the sources used, and enable the reader to...

Web Resources Art History

There is a lot of information out there but it varies in quality. Here are four reliable, dependable, intelligent and fairly easy to use web databases for art history and finding images and information...

Art Glossaries

Use of subject specific language is an assessed criteria for both the CS and PP, so lets get our students' using art vocabulary daily, both in writing and speaking about art. Go to Building Art Vocabulary...

Assignments to choose from

The orange pages are for you to select and make available to your group. Give students assignments by sharing the page with the assignment you want them to follow.

Art Seed Bank

The Art Seed Bank is a collection of short invitations to create, to think about art, to try something different.Choose from the ever expanding seed catalogue, and watch your seed grow.Take a series of...

A Sense of Place

The title of Gauguin's painting above Where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going? asks a marvelously complex question, one that a lifetime of art making can only begin to try to address....

Elements of Drawing

 introducing awareness of visual elements, qualities and attributes through drawing. I find this lays a good foundation for further exploration in any media and helps those...

Object Study

a teaching idea to generate thinking beyond the obvious. It can be used with students at the start of year 1 as a way of introducing investigation skills and learning to make connections.

Transcribing an Art Work

To transcribe essentially means to translate something into another form, as...

EE, ToK, and more...

many resources, activities and tips from the ToK, Extended Essay and cross curricular connections sections of the site

Theory of Knowldege

Theory of Knowledge is a pivotal point of the IBDP model that encourages students to think critically and curiously.In TOK class students examine how we know things, if we are sure we know them, and to...

The Extended Essay

Let's look at the major changes to the EE Students submitting Extended Essays from May 2018 onwards will have to submit their Extended Essay according to the new Extended Essay Subject Guide.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Collaboration between the arts and other subject areas has the potential to create new knowledge, and cross fertilize ideas and processes in both fields.Art making can be inspired by encounters or connections...


There is much, much more – just look and decide what is useful for your particular group at this moment, you can change it daily, weekly, monthly.

Selecting content for level and component

Go to Distance and Blended Learning section for suggested resources and pages aimed at level and component

Research and Art History

Now is a great time to get your students to do some research! Research is necessary for the CS, and often sparks ideas for new art work. Research and investigation help broaden ways of thinking.

Discussion Assignments

ToK and Art topics make for irresistibly interesting discussion pointsTeachers can start a private forum thread with a question and a link to one of these pages below.Students will open the assignment,...

Guided Studio Work

Students can work from home if they have some basic materials like pencils, charcoal, watercolor or ink, colored pencils, and a computer, camera and printer.Collage, monoprints, unfired clay and low relief...

Independent Work- year 2

Year 2 students are working independently towards their final exhibition, and the completion of The Comparative Study and Process Portfolio. They can be supported with the following pages through distance...

Comparative Study Independent Development

Here you have it, the The Comparative Study, everything students need to know, with each criteria broken down into sections with clear examples. Supplement this with other site pages if desired, such...

Independent Portfolio Development

No reason why students can't work on their Process Portfolio slides from home, but it helps to set specific guidance that addresses the criteria. Depending on what point in the course, they may be beginning...

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