Global Networks and Flows


This page provides a large number of resources to explore the flow of materials, manufactured goods and services. It begins with a starter worksheet for students to classify key words into players, networks and flows as part of the cogs of the global economy. It then explores the pattern of change and contemporary flows using a number of interactive maps, including a targeted question exercise with the stunning Blueshift Map Maker tool. There are also a number of gallery slideshows to explore. The page concludes with an interesting slideshow from the McKinsey Global Institute as well as featuring a forum discussion by contemporary business leaders focused on the key drivers of globalization.

Enquiry Question

What is the pattern of global flows in materials, manufactured goods and services?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives:

  • To describe and explain the global flows in materials, manufactured goods and services?

Teacher Notes:

Starter - The Cogs of the Global Economy - Students should quickly complete the worksheet to classify factors into flows, networks and players

1. Map Analysis - Using the interactive map students can describe the changing pattern of material flows. There are two further maps for them to describe

2. Blueshift Map - Then using the Blueshift mapping tool student should independently work on the site or be led through it by the teacher to answer the question relating dominant trading countries

3. Explaining Patterns - Students can then read the Economist Online text and answer the questions

4. Global Flows in Services - Students can then follow the gallery of graphs and maps and answer the questions on the spatial patterns of global service flows

5. Business Leaders Perspective - This can then be followed up by the short video featuring business leaders explaining the main drivers of global flows

Starter Activity_The Cogs of the Global Economy_Processes and Spatial Patterns

Complete the worksheet by categorizing the key words into the cogs of the global economy.

The Cogs of the Global Economy

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