1. Measuring Food and Health

Lesson Plans for Measuring Food and Health

These learning activities cover everything in the IB guide for this topic. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access to give maximum flexibility to the teacher and the student. There are theoretical notes for extended reading and teacher notes at the top that provide timing information lesson objectives and activity instructions.

1. Measuring Food and Health


Global patterns in food/nutrition indicators, including the food security index, the hunger index, calories per person/capita, indicators of malnutrition

The nutrition transition, and associated regional variations of food consumption and nutrition choices

Introduction to Food and Health

This page introduces the geography of food and health and contains resources to support a thought provoking introductory lesson into the theme. It sets out some key concepts and skills and develops in brief, some of the key content developed later in sub-pages. The sub-pages provide a  full set of resources sufficient to teach the unit in full or to dip into as you choose. As with other courses, skills and concepts are integrated into the resources as well as the approaches to learning.

Global Patterns in Food/Nutrition

This pages introduces global patterns of food and nutrition. It defines key concepts and measurements. Students explore the patterns within a number of interactive contemporary maps based around the issues of hunger and food security. Students then work on interpreting the Food Security Index and the Global Hunger Index, describing the patterns, components, differences and uses

The Nutrition Transition

The following page uses a number of resources including worksheets adapted from Popkin's model to explore how the nutrition transition varies from region to region. It then begins to critique the model by introducing the double burden through a WHO infographic and a number of country profiles in both video and PDF. It concludes with a student investigation into the health profile of Mali.


Global patterns in health indicators, including health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE), infant mortality, maternal mortality, access to sanitation and the ratio between doctors/physicians and people

The epidemiological transition, the diseases continuum (diseases of poverty to diseases of affluence), and the implications of a global ageing population for disease burden.

Life Expectancy as an Indicator for Health

This page provides class resources to introduce the topic of health in the world. It presents a positive overview of the current situation regarding life expectancy. Students investigate the current world health context through a number of key resources including, a short class survey, Hans Rosling and an interactive health map and database by the the World Health Organisation.

Measuring Health

This page provides a number of excellent class resources for investigating the different types of health indicators. The page introduces the different types of health indicators in depth, provides you current data and enables students to explore the strengths and limitations of each health indicator in a fun and informative way rooted in enquiry.

The Epidemiological Transition

The students are introduced to the epidemiological transition through a number of graphs, maps and resources. Students investigate the patterns of disease at different stages of development and come to understand and explain the transition from communicable disease to noncommunicable disease. This is explained through development factors and lifestyle choices. Toward the end of the topic students come to realize that with rapid development and migration in our ever connected world countries are faced with the challenges of a double burden.

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