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TOK Essays May 2019 15 February 2019

This is a blog to signpost a great website you may not have come across - great for TOK Coordinators.ToKTutor provides "Theory of Knowledge help for TOK Essay & TOK Presentation needs for IB TOK students... more

Questions that should be at the heart of each subject 11 February 2019

These questions go to the heart of teaching a subject: what counts as knowledge within each academic discipline and how things become known. What leads to significant learning builds on the answer to... more

A simple idea 31 January 2019

I visited a primary school today that was trying to teach their children metacognitive skills - skills central to the IB approaches to learning.In every classroom there was a visual of 'The Learning Dip'... more

International Mindedness - A competition 7 January 2019

Here's one way you could help develop students' international mindednessAt the heart of the IB mission is the goal of developing young people who can help create ‘a better and more peaceful world through... more

Happy Holidays! 24 December 2018

2018 was a milestone year for the IB: their 50th birthday. If you wish for a very quick introduction to the IB visit their 50th anniversary website HERE. It has a very useful 1 minute 30 second video... more

Quick introductions to the IB 7 December 2018

When I facilitate IB workshops for school leaders (administrators) and pedagogical leaders (e.g. on approaches to teaching and learning) I am often asked for succinct summaries of the big philosophical... more

TOK - a curious subject 29 November 2018

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a curious subject. It is at the heart of the IB Diploma Programme, but do teachers really understand what it is about and why it is so important?This page provides a quick... more

This Generation 25 November 2018

This blog merely captures two videos I came across recently. Recently I have written blogs about the challenges of the complexity and fast changing nature of our times. However, we should never forget... more

Are you willing to be disturbed? 22 November 2018

In 2002 Margaret Wheatley wrote an essay called “Willing to be Disturbed.” It was first published as a commentary on how confusing the world seemed to be post 9/11. However, I think it offers us,... more

A trip to China 18 November 2018

I am returning from a three-day trip to China, a guest of an educational group based in Shanghai who are committed to providing high-quality international education service for Chinese students, who will... more