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How is leadership changing? 5 May 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we all have had to work.The pressure on school leaders working in these demanding and chaotic circumstances has been relentless.New leadership skills are being brought... more

Great free video resources 24 January 2021

Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, UK-based and internationally-recognized education authors and consultants, have a lot on their minds. From best practices in classroom teaching to sustaining PD that makes... more

Remote learning - what is research telling us? 18 January 2021

The Education Endowment Fund examines the existing research (from 60 systematic reviews and meta-analyses) for approaches that schools can use to support students learning remotely, at home, online during... more

Remote learning myths 14 January 2021

As schools continue to deliver learning online there is an increasing amount of evidence of what works and what doesn't.The UK inspection regulator, Ofsted, has just published its report, What’s working... more

How can we help parents? 12 January 2021

Blended learning environments in present-day education, has put family engagement centre-stage and has never been more important for continuity of learning across all classroom settings. more

New Year promises - a personal manifesto 3 January 2021

The New Year is traditionally a time to make resolutions. I find it a good time to reflect on what is important as I move into the New Year. One way of doing this is to create your own personal manifesto.... more

A message for all teachers 27 December 2020

New year beginnings provide an opportunity to reflect. I hope this blog will be helpful to all teachers as a form of reflection at the beginning of 2021. I am grateful to Michele Hill and Paul J. Berardelli... more

What are you teaching the world? 24 November 2020

I just came across this 'awesome' video - from a participant in an online IB workshop I am facilitating.I will let the Kid President speak for himself. It's a good provocation to use with teachers - and... more

Do you know your why? 24 November 2020

At the heart of our work is our passion - to make a positive difference in the lives of children. This goes to the heart of the IB Mission.Anton Schulzki (an MYP Coordinator in Colorado Springs and a... more

IB Webliography 2 October 2020

The IB has introduced the IB Webliography, which collates some of the best online learning resources in one place. It’s a collective effort between the IB and educators around the world, which allows... more