IB workshops focused on evaluation

Learn about two new IB workshops to support your journey through evaluation and beyond

The IB have brought out two workshops to support schools preparing for evaluation. They are:

(1) Leading the learning, Category 2

(2) Preparing for programme evaluation, Category 3.


If you are an IB programme coordinator or part of the pedagogical leadership team in your school go to the category 2 Leading the learning workshop.

If you are the person who is overseeing the IB evaluation process go to the category 3 Planning for programme evaluation workshop.

This page of the website will provide you with an overview of both workshops.

I have co-authored both workshops for the IB and trained up workshops leaders in both, and draw on the collective insight of experienced IBEN members in writing this page,

Leading the learning, Category 2) workshop

A new Leading the Learning workshop (Category 2)  has replaced the Administrators Category 2 and Coordinators Category 2 workshops. It has as its key focus the immersion of participants into the IB ecosystem, and the opportunity to reflect on their own individual school as itself an ecosystem.

Who is it for? This workshop is required for programme coordinators; encouraged for members of the pedagogical leadership team (e.g. librarians, specialists, deans of students, counsellors, year level leaders/heads of department, section/deputy/assistant/vice heads, inclusion specialists, career/guidance specialist). It aims at helping participants to enhance the identity of their school as an IB World School through using the four elements of the revised Programme Standards and Practices to reflect on the purpose, culture and environment of their learning organization and their agency for growing leadership capacity within the school.

What are aims? Working with each other and the workshop leaders, participants will:

  • develop their leadership capabilities as a pedagogical leader within a learning organization
  • become familiar with the IB’s leadership capabilities as lenses/tools to develop their personal mastery in an IB global context
  • prepare to develop collaborative/shared leadership capacity within their school
  • plan the journey through school self-study toward evaluation and beyond. 

During the workshop, leaders will reflect and build on their school’s IB action plan to meet the IB’s requirements for evaluation and a vision for ongoing implementation.

Key inquiries

  • What might leadership look like?
  • What’s our context?
  • Leading who’s learning?
  • How do we lead the learning?
  • What is the PURPOSE of an IB school and how is this evaluated?
  • What is our role in developing the CULTURE of an IB School?
  • How do we design an optimal school ENVIRONMENT that focuses on learning?
  • How can I lead, facilitate, and promote a collaborative professional culture in the team(s) that I lead?
  • How do we make sense of our journey as an IB world school?
  • What are our next steps?

Christianne Cowie, a very experienced IB workshop leader, designed this image to explain the main ideas behind the workshop.

Alex Galland, another experienced workshop leader, created this graphic:

This graphic by experienced workshop leader Gillian Ashworth is another way of visualising the connection between leadership and learning.

Planning for programme evaluation (Category 3)

The workshop takes you through each component of the programme evaluation process:

  • the preliminary review,
  • self-study,
  • the evaluation visit (if applicable), and
  • the final report.

Key sessions focus on:

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