IB School Leadership: Approaches to Learning Workshop

Approaches to Learning Workshop

Approaches to Learning underpin the IB understanding of how students learn. This page provides you with a scaffold to deliver a workshop on Approaches to Learning to colleagues in your school.

The pedagogical approach of the workshop is based on inquiry based learning. Inquiry learning emphasizes constructivist ideas of learning, where knowledge is built from experience and process, especially socially based collaborative experience. In the workshop colleagues will develop their understanding of the IB Diploma Programme by reflecting on their own and others’ work, researching and carrying out individual and group activities.

An introductory note

In my experience of facilitating workshops teachers find it easier to understand the approaches to teaching than they do the approaches to learning. This may be because the approaches to teaching provide a clear rationale for how a teacher should teach (by framing inquiries, identifying key concepts, applying what is being taught to real-life contexts etc.). The approaches to learning are the result of how you teach - they are the skills that students develop as a result of how they are taught and how they learn.

My advice is for teachers to have a clear understanding of what these skills look like when they are being practiced, and then plan how they are going to develop these skills using learning scaffolds. Throughtout it is helpful if teachers apply a metacognitive approach, always making visible which skills are being practiced and developed.

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