IB School Leadership: Key IB terms

Key IB terms

Every curriculum comes with its technical terms and concepts. The IB Diploma Programme is no exception.

This page provides you with a reference point for all the key IB terms that appear in the IB standards and practices. It gives you a few activities that you can use with your colleagues so that that they become more acquainted with the key terminology - always helpful as you are preparing for authorization or your five year evaluation.

Key issues

As an IB Coordinator you need to ensure that all staff understand the key concepts and terms behind the Diploma Programme. Some of these concepts go to the heart of IB philosophy (e.g. international-mindedness), others are about system design (e.g. concurrency of learning, vertical and horizontal alignment etc.) and others are about policy (e.g. multilingualism, mother tongue, access arrangements etc.)


Template providing you with all the key IB terms


This presentation introduces key terms.  It has not been designed as a PPT to present. Instead I would use them as cards in a game. Staff could pick a card and then inquire into the idea and feedback to the group.


Activities to use with staff

Visual Metaphor

Scavenger Hunt

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