IB Leadership Pathway

The IB have developed a leadership development programme consisting of a suite of workshops that explore various aspects of leadership. In this section of the wesbite you will examine the key concepts behind this leadership programme as well as explore each of the core five workshops.

The IB Leadership Pathway is built on an understanding that leadership is something that can be learnt through practice and reflection. This echoes the work of Carol Dweck and her theory of "growth mindset": you learn through practice. You look for and seek growth in yourself and in others and focus on developing your own and others' leadership.

The IB Leadership Pathway is informed by the belief that there is no single paradigm of leadership of IB World Schools. Instead, effective leadership in IB World Schools emerges from a knowledge of oneself - our values and beliefs - and then a knowledge of the context and culture in which you are working (since IB World Schools work in complex and differentiated settings).

“International schools are not homogeneous - they are unique products of history, culture - local and organizational, ownership structure, parent and student body, curriculum framework and socio-economics. There is no single model of excellence.  Heads need to find the right fit.  To change the school to fit the Head, therein lies disaster”. (International school head, quoted in The Art of International Headship, RSAcademics, 2016)

"Leadership is like sport or music: we may not all be global megastars, but we can all improve with practice and guidance. You can learn to be a leader. You do not have to be someone else - you do not have to become Napoleon or Mother Teresa - you simply have to be the best of who we are." (Jo Owen, How to Lead, 2015)

IB Approach to Leadership

Professional inquiry and a constructivist view of knowledge and meaning making lie at the heart of the IB approach to leadership.

IB Leadership Intelligences

Seven leadership intelligences which mirrors the areas of activity necessary to ensure that the IB programmes are effectively implemented.

IB Leadership Workshops

Five complimentary workshops which provide an IB perspective on leadership and aim to help you become "an effective IB leader". Click here to go to the IB website for a description of these workshops.

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