Leadership styles

Reflect on leadership styles with your leadership team

Effective leaders adapt their style to fit different situations.

This page provides different approaches and frameworks to view leadership styles from Kurt Lewin's autocratic-democratic-laissez-faire styles to Daniel Goleman et al's six distinct emotional leadership styles.

This page is structured around two key tasks. The first provides an opportunity to research into different leadership styles. The second is a reflective activity which asks you to apply the styles.

Three videos introduce you to different leadership styles.

Styles of Leadership

Activity 1: Inquiring into leadership styles

  • Use the Genius Hour protocol to inquire into each of the leadership styles and provide feedback to each other.
  • In each case be prepared to feedback to the whole group (a) a key message, (b) an uplifting statement, and (c) a visual metaphor to illustrate the leadership style.


Article on Goleman, Boyatzis and McKees's six emotional leadership styles can be found by clicking here.

Another article Goleman's 6 leadership styles - and when to use them can be accessed by clicking here.


Visionary = 'Come with me'

Key message: Provide inspiring vision which people can buy into. You can do this by telling a story or painting a picture of where you wish to go. " I am driven by ..."

Uplifting statement: "Let's build this together"

Coaching = Personal Development

Key message: YOU matter.

Uplifting statement: "I'm going to invest in you"


Activity 2: Applying leadership styles

  • Give examples of actions that demonstrate each of the 8 styles.
  • Which of the styles on the previous slide fit you the best?
  • Which is ‘not you’?
  • Describe situations where each of the styles might be required.
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