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The role of the librarian14 February 2019

The IB makes it clear that the school library plays a central role to the delivering IB programs. Libraries have always been seen as a key locus for inquiry, a concept that stands at the heart of the... more

New Standards and Practices14 February 2019

The IB published the new standards and practices in October 2018. They will come into effect in the later part of 2020. The new PSPs can be found on 'My IB'.They have been published early so that schools... more

What is our school culture?14 February 2019

“Culture is key to a schools success in promoting teacher and student learning. Without addressing the culture, no reform, no new curriculum, no amount of staff development will create a high-performing... more

What is International-Mindedness?free13 February 2019

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

How to write a mission statementfree13 February 2019

IB World schools need to align their school mission with the IB mission. Whether you are a leader in an established school or going to lead a new school it is good to review your mission statement periodically... more

What's the impact of national cultures?13 February 2019

Our professional inquiry explores the extent to which leadership is contextualized.What does research tell us about effective leadership around the world? Is there such a thing as universal leadership... more

Appointing subject teachers13 February 2019

As leaders of IB World Schools what processes do you have in place to recruit teachers into your school? How do you ensure that the philosophy and pedagogy of the applicants is aligned with IB philosophy... more

Standards and Practices13 February 2019

The programme standards and practices describe what it means to be an IB World School. The standards provide the overarching themes whist the practices provide the definitions and details and show what... more

Evaluating Professional Learning13 February 2019

Thomas Guskey (Journal of Staff Development, v37 n1 pp.32-37 Feb 2016) has designed a five level tool for evaluating professional learning. The five levels in this model are hierarchically arranged,... more

IB Workshops13 February 2019

The IB run workshops to provide professional development and assistance for schools that are applying for IB authorization (Category 1 workshops) and to provide a forum for on-going professional development... more