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Inclusion Policy21 October 2019

This page will help you write your inclusion policy - one of the five mandatory IB policies.Activities which help you work towards a common IB understanding of the following pedagogical terms: inclusion,... more

Synchronized Evaluation Visitfree21 October 2019

IB schools can request that their 5 year evaluation visit is synchronised in time with evaluations from other external agencies with which the school work. One of the key advantages of such a visit is... more

How do students actually learn?free16 October 2019

Main Message: As teachers we need to know how to develop our students' cognitive (mental), affective (emotional) and psychomotor (physical) skills.This page provides background information to help teachers... more

Evaluation Visit - The Interviews14 October 2019

The evaluation visit assesses the schools’ commitment to excellence in international education and the extent to which the school implements the Diploma Programme.The IB visiting team will use the IB... more

Tips for authorization14 October 2019

Prior to becoming an authorized IB World School you are a Candidate School.Introducing any new programme involves you in a significant change process. This page looks at some of the challenges of introducing... more

How do we make learning memorable?12 October 2019

Note that I use the word 'learning' and not 'teaching'. Whilst students may remember a particularly entertaining lesson this does not mean that they are able to recall the learning.On this page we look... more

Homework - to be or not to be?12 October 2019

The debate is real, as the following two quotes reveal:“Research investigating the benefits of homework on pupil attainment shows no concrete agreement on either its relevance or efficacy.” (Andrew... more

Revision Strategies11 October 2019

As students start preparing for their exams what help are you giving them? Is your advice consistent across all subjects? Is it based on research evidence?I write this page as my daughter plans her revision... more

Which teaching strategies are effective?11 October 2019

How can you be sure that students are effectively learning what you are teaching?In recent years we have learnt a lot from cognitive scientists about how students learn, and what teachers do to ensure... more

Global Citizen - what does it mean?11 October 2019

According to Madeleine Green being a global citizen is:Here we explore these themes through film and quotations. This page presents at times controversial resources to encourage colleagues and students... more