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Inquiry strategiesfree25 June 2019

At the heart of an inquiry approach to teaching and learning is the art of asking good questions. It has been said that "the true art of teaching is to ask the right questions." The question that arouses... more

Self-Managementfree25 June 2019

What are self-management skills in the DP? How can we move from 'survival' skills into a better DP experience?The IB describes self-management skills as a mix of (a) organization skills—managing time... more

Metacognition25 June 2019

Surely it is the essence of a teachers' job to teach students how to learn. Yet for a large part the focus of lessons is on subject specialism. So, how do we teach students how to learn, how to be metacognitive?... more

What are your Learning Principles?25 June 2019

Do all involved share a common language? Do you share the same beliefs about learning? Are all your decisions based upon those beliefs?These may sound straight forward questions. What I have found, however,... more

Formative or Summative Assessment?25 June 2019

“As frequently as a chef needs to check a sauce for taste, teachers should check for understanding.” (TeachThought)The IB approach to teaching is informed by assessment, both formative and summative.... more

Appointing subject teachers24 June 2019

As leaders of IB World Schools what processes do you have in place to recruit teachers into your school? How do you ensure that the philosophy and pedagogy of the applicants is aligned with IB philosophy... more

How do leaders best manage change?22 June 2019

Creating deep change in an organization requires the leadership to engage in deep personal change (Quinn, R.Deep Change). If teachers don't believe that their principal or other school leaders are willing... more

Professional Inquiry: research engaged schools21 June 2019

Inquiry is central to professional learning communities. To professionally inquire is to be curious, to ask questions, to examine, to consult and investigate ideas. It is also to carry out research where... more

Evidence informed teaching and learning21 June 2019

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students... more

What is Pedagogical Intelligence?21 June 2019

“A pedagogical leader keeps the organization focused on the teaching and learning process among the children, staff, and families.” (Margie Carter)This page contains resource material to explore the... more