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What makes a team?24 September 2021

Schools are people organizations and people are social animals. We live and work in relationship with others. There are therefore good reasons for organizing schools in teams.On this page you will have... more

How do we think? All about the brain24 September 2021

‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.’ (Margaret Mead)If it’s our job to develop the mind, shouldn’t we understand how the mind works?Research suggests that increasing a teacher's... more

What is International-Mindedness?free24 September 2021

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

Developing a shared school culture24 September 2021

Many IB schools recruit staff from different cultural and/or national groups. This is true both for schools which work with students within particular national boundaries and also for international schools... more

What's new about IB evaluation?21 September 2021

A new IB evaluation schedule is being introduced that will affect all evaluations from September 2021.The new evaluation guide has been available since March 2020 for schools who will start their evaluation... more

IB workshops focused on evaluationfree16 September 2021

The IB have brought out two workshops to support schools preparing for evaluation. They are:(1) Leading the learning, Category 2(2) Preparing for programme evaluation, Category 3. more

Language Policy12 September 2021

A resource to use with staff when writing or reviewing your Language Policy.Compulsory language learning is one of the distinctive elements of IB programmes. Why does the IB place such importance on the... more

Adult Learningfree10 September 2021

The term 'andragogy' means ‘leader of men’, whilst 'pedagogy' means ‘leader of children’.This section provides an introduction to adult learning, makes contrasts with student learning (pedagogy)... more

Leading Meetings9 September 2021

Effective and time-efficient meetings should produce work that is important to the school, promote collaborative working practices and create efficacy. Well-run meetings are one way of influencing the... more

IB Culture - Key Policies7 September 2021

The answer is that they establish the culture of an IB World School.Key inquiryHow can I make sure that our policies structure the learning and teaching in the school?‘Culture’ is one of the four... more