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Collaboration and Teamwork17 April 2019

Collaborative learning is all about people learning together. Transformative experiences in learning often take place when people are doing something together, whether it be kinesthetic or cognitively... more

21st Century Skills16 April 2019

How do I introduce the IB approaches to teaching and learning?When introducing the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning I find it useful to ask colleagues the question 'What skills do our students need... more

What are your Learning Principles?16 April 2019

Do all involved share a common language? Do you share the same beliefs about learning? Are all your decisions based upon those beliefs?These may sound straight forward questions. What I have found, however,... more

Evaluation Visit - The Interviews16 April 2019

The evaluation visit assesses the schools’ commitment to excellence in international education and the extent to which the school implements the Diploma Programme.The IB visiting team will use the IB... more

School Culturefree16 April 2019

Each school | organisation | district has a culture. It is often tangeable when you first step into the building or meet a group of people who belong to the community. On this page we ask:Defining 'Culture' more

IB Culture - Key Policiesfree15 April 2019

The answer is that they establish the culture of an IB World School.‘Culture’ is one of the four overarching categories in the new IB Programme Standards and Practices (2020). These four categories... more

Leaders influence others15 April 2019

“Leadership is the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish... more

What is leadership?free15 April 2019

This section invites you to think critically about the nature of leadership and its role in schools.It starts by asking how our ideas about leadership have been formed. What or who has influenced my leadership?... more

Leadership traits, behaviours and skills15 April 2019

Leadership is a subject that has caught the imaginations of people for centuries. Originally the focus was on rulers of countries: what made them great and successful. Today attention often turns to the... more

What is the purpose of schools?free14 April 2019

What is your definition of student achievement that drives the work of your leadership team?These are useful questions to consider when reviewing the vision and mission of your own school. more