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How do you promote | market the IB?free22 August 2019

The I and the B is a combination of international outlook and a rigorous academic programme that provides a pre-university entry diploma.This page provides you with a resource bank of materials to use... more

Appointing subject teachers22 August 2019

There are two sides to recruitment: application of employee, selection by employer. Although this pages focuses on how you can select and appont subject teachers, also be aware that potential employees... more

ATL & student well-being22 August 2019

“With an increasing emphasis on ‘happy schools’ and wellbeing. The IB has foundational approaches which support this important emerging trend. We take a student-centric approach which values and... more

Learning for the 21st Century22 August 2019

“21st century kids are being taught by 20th century adults using 19th century curriculum and techniques on an 18th century calendar!” (Tom Hierck)If the world is changing so quickly what should our... more

Developing our professional learning culture21 August 2019

IB learning communities evolve over time. Implementation of IB programmes is often described as an on-going journey.The following activities provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of the leader... more

What does professional learning look like in your school?free21 August 2019

Schools are professional learning communities: professionals dedicated to promoting learning within the school and stakeholder community. However, in some schools the characteristics of a professional... more

How to facilitate adult learning21 August 2019

As pedagogical leaders our role is to facilitate adult learning. To facilitate means ‘to make easy’. Pedagogical leaders therefore work to make the learning process of adults easier. A good facilitator... more

How do we make learning memorable?20 August 2019

Note that I use the word 'learning' and not 'teaching'. Whilst students may remember a particularly entertaining lesson this does not mean that they are able to recall the learning.On this page we look... more

Session 4: Leading Professional Development20 August 2019

Schools are learning organisations in which students and staff should be continually learning things anew. Whilst this may be true for the students is it the case for staff? To what extent do our staff... more

Session 2: The Science of Learning20 August 2019

As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students with effective feedback etc. more