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Global issues resource bank6 April 2021

This page directs you to different resource banks, and uses videos to introduce each.Factfulness - using statistics to discover global issuesBill Gates describes the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling as... more

Which teaching strategies are effective?free5 April 2021

How can you be sure that students are effectively learning what you are teaching?In recent years we have learnt a lot from cognitive scientists about how students learn, and what teachers do to ensure... more

How do students actually learn?free4 April 2021

Main Message: As teachers we need to know how to develop our students' cognitive (mental), affective (emotional) and psychomotor (physical) skills.This page provides background information to help teachers... more

Writing Vision and Mission Statements3 April 2021

Who are you and where are you going? These are two essential questions for all of us who work in schools.A mission is our identity. A mission statement states what we are, what we stand for. Our mission... more

Schools - System Thinkingfree2 April 2021

Systems thinking is about understanding the whole of an organization, as opposed to viewing it through the lens of its constituent parts. Associated terms used by the IB are 'eco-system', 'sense-making'... more

Global Citizen - what does it mean?30 March 2021

According to Madeleine Green being a global citizen is:Here we explore these themes through film and quotations. This page presents at times controversial resources to encourage colleagues and students... more

Global Issues29 March 2021

As global citizens what issues do we need to investigate, and after investigation what do we need to do?This page provides you with:Although the page has been set out in the form of a lesson itself it... more

Inclusion Policyfree27 March 2021

This page will help you write your inclusion policy - one of the five mandatory IB policies.Activities which help you work towards a common IB understanding of the following pedagogical terms: inclusion,... more

Getting professional development right27 March 2021

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn". (John Cotton Dana)All schools are learning organisations n which students and adults continually learn. Research informs us that the most significant contributing... more

Toolkits for collaborationfree25 March 2021

As a school leader you will be responsible for the learning of your staff within your professional learning community. This site is structured around collaborative facilitation tools that you can use... more