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Establishing an ATL culturefree16 April 2021

The IB approaches to teaching and learning are central to delivering on the IB mission. If IB schools are committed to nurturing compassionate lifelong learners who have a passion to change the world... more

IB Approaches to Teaching and Learningfree19 March 2021

If the individual IB subject guides inform us about what to teach and learn the Approaches to Teaching and Learning Guide describes how to.This page is designed to help you understand the nature of the... more

IB Approaches to Teaching21 March 2021

"Educators need to think of themselves as designers of learning...We are convinced that we need to move rapidly to the place where all learners feel connected and all learners are able to self-regulate... more

Authorization & Evaluation13 November 2019

In this section of the workshop we look at the key stages of becoming or being an IB World School: Candidacy, Authorization and Evaluation.The pages have been designed for the DP Coordinator to use as... more

Which teaching strategies are effective?5 April 2021

How can you be sure that students are effectively learning what you are teaching?In recent years we have learnt a lot from cognitive scientists about how students learn, and what teachers do to ensure... more

How do students actually learn?4 April 2021

Main Message: As teachers we need to know how to develop our students' cognitive (mental), affective (emotional) and psychomotor (physical) skills.This page provides background information to help teachers... more

Standards and Practices30 October 2019

The programme standards and practices describe what it means to be an IB World School. The standards provide the overarching themes whist the practices provide the definitions and details and show what... more

Models of inquiry based learningfree18 April 2021

There are different models of inquiry based learning for you to choose from. This page presents a number of them.A good activity for colleagues is to search and justify their own model, using an internet... more

Inclusion Policyfree27 March 2021

This page will help you write your inclusion policy - one of the five mandatory IB policies.Activities which help you work towards a common IB understanding of the following pedagogical terms: inclusion,... more

WHICH inquiry strategies to use - role of questions21 March 2021

At the heart of an inquiry approach to teaching and learning is the art of asking good questions. It has been said that "the true art of teaching is to ask the right questions." The question that arouses... more

Role of Head of School in an IB School13 June 2020

The Head of School is key to the successful implementation of the IB programme/s. They lead the pedagogical leadership team within a school.It is for this reason that it is mandatory for them to attend... more

The Core30 April 2020

The core (TOK, CAS + EE) is at the heart of the Diploma Programme. It is the core that makes the Diploma a programme of study and not just a set of examination courses. How can you as a school highlight... more

Leadershipfree31 March 2017

Your leadership: Where have my concepts of leadership come from? What or who has influenced my leadership? What will guide my approach to leadership? Writing your own Philosophy of Leadership... more

Critical thinking21 March 2021

Ever wanted to expand the accuracy of the skills that you use to make a judgement? Or to sift good, reliable information from bad? What about detecting bias? Are you confident that you can do so? All... more

IB ATL: Research Skills21 March 2021

How do you teach research skills? Who in your school teaches the students how to research effectively at the DP level?The development of research skills is central to the IB Diploma Programme, as is evidence... more

Approaches to Learning in 10 slides17 September 2019

A quick introduction to the IB Approaches to Learning using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an IB Education.... more

Pre-research planner21 March 2021

A template to use as a pre-research planner. more

How well do you know your children - individually?21 March 2021

How do we know whether we are meeting the social and emotional needs of our students? How do you know and measure students' well-being?When the IB speaks of self-management they mean two things: (a) Organisational... more

IB World School Manager: What do they do?1 September 2020

As soon as a school becomes authorised to be an IB World School they are assigned a dedicated IB manager to support them on their IB journey. School leaders can find their IBWS manager’s contact information... more

FREE IB Professional Development - Webinars & Nanos24 August 2020

In the past all IB professional development was to be bought. However, the IB have recently started to create short professional development opportunities - in the form of webinars and nanos - which they... more

The role of the librarian31 July 2020

The IB makes it clear that the school library plays a central role to the delivering IB programs. Libraries have always been seen as a key locus for inquiry, a concept that stands at the heart of the... more

IB Learner Profile in 10 slides17 September 2019

A quick introduction to the IB Learner Profile using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an IB Education. They... more

Diploma Subjects25 February 2019

Which subjects should you offer students? How will you help colleagues plan their teaching and align this with IB philosophy?This page explores some of the key issues in developing a diploma programme. more

Unit Planning18 August 2018

How important is it to plan your teaching in advance? General Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”If course planning... more

Approaches to Learning Workshopfree25 March 2018

Approaches to Learning underpin the IB understanding of how students learn. This page provides you with a scaffold to deliver a workshop on Approaches to Learning to colleagues in your school.The pedagogical... more

International Mindednessfree5 December 2017

International-mindedness lies at the very heart of the IB Mission which aims to develop young people "who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect... more

A paragraph, sentence, phrase, word15 September 2016

An activity used to explore a text and encourage discussion.[1]This tool can be used in different situations: more

Artifact - Storytelling2 August 2016

This tool encourages story telling - individual or organizational stories.Storytelling is an ancient practice, helping us to share knowledge with context and emotion. It encourages us to share the tacit... more

Governors - skills and competencies24 March 2021

This page looks at the skills and competencies of effective governance and provides you with a sample person specification for a school governor and a framework for auditing the skills and competencies... more

Language Policy7 March 2021

A resource to use with staff when writing or reviewing your Language Policy.Compulsory language learning is one of the distinctive elements of IB programmes. Why does the IB place such importance on the... more

IB Learner Profilefree25 February 2021

The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes which all members of the IB community - students, teachers and leaders - should be encouraged to develop. They represent a broad range of human capacities... more

Elevator Pitch5 June 2020

The Elevator Pitch is a communication tool aimed at helping you articulate your message. The elevator pitch asks you to create a message in a very short time scale so make it clear, concise, compelling,... more

The Diploma Programme21 January 2020

The number of candidates taking the Diploma Programme has increased by 18 per cent over five years. More than 166,000 candidates sat IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) examinations in the May 2019 session,... more

Parent - Teacher Consultations10 October 2019

Parent-teacher consultations are a key contact point between the school and its parents (clients, fee payers). However, they can be fraught with tension on both sides if they are not prepared for well.... more

Approaches to Teaching - in 10 slides17 September 2019

A quick introduction to the IB Approaches to Teaching using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an IB Education.... more

Professional Learning (Development)3 July 2019

Do staff really learn through the professional development opportunities they are offered? What constitutes effective professional learning?The introduction is a reflective exercise on a blog which questions... more

Collaborative Planning19 February 2019

Collaboration lies at the heart of implementing a successful Diploma Programme. Good pedagogical leaders build highly collaborative and effective teams. However, building a collaborative learning community... more

DP Coordinator's Handbook22 January 2019

The Diploma Programme Assessment procedures, 2019, (formerly called the Handbook of procedures) is the handbook for DP Coordinators and teachers. It describes the administrative requirements of running... more

Teaching Tips17 December 2017

What advice would you give to a new IB teacher about how to teach in an IB way?This page is not intended to be an authoritative guide – after all some of the best teaching can occur in the spur of an... more

The IB Philosophy5 December 2017

An introduction to the IB Philosophy (Standard A) which allows various stakeholders (students, staff, parents etc.) to identify what makes the IB Diploma Programme distinctive.You may find this page helpful... more

IB Learner Profile5 December 2017

The IB Learner Profile is described by the IB as their 'Mission in Action'. It is a set of learning outcomes. The IB Learner Profile describes the attributes and outcomes of education for international... more

Teaching and Learningfree6 June 2017

What are we teaching for? What do we mean by 'learning'? An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project 21st century learning needs Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what... more

Global Issues29 March 2021

As global citizens what issues do we need to investigate, and after investigation what do we need to do?This page provides you with:Although the page has been set out in the form of a lesson itself it... more

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction23 March 2021

On this page we are going to explore in some depth Barak Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction. However, his work is not in isolation. Other authors also draw on cognitive science (e.g. Graham Nuthall's... more

Evidence informed teaching23 March 2021

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students... more

WHAT is inquiry-based learning?21 March 2021

Inquiry is at the heart of the IB approach to learning - both student learning and teacher learning.“Inquiry based learning is more than asking a student what he or she wants to know. It’s about activating... more

Leaders lead high-performing teams15 February 2021

Effective team work can add great value to a school, and the leader’s role is crucial in developing high performing teams that achieve their goals. After all much of the work we do is carried out in... more

Leadership Resourcesfree13 February 2021

This page started as a request from the IB to suggest good leadership resources. It will evolve as more are found - please feel free to make your own suggestions using the comment box at the bottom of... more

Live the mission - be the change31 January 2021

At the heart of the IB Mission is the aim of developing "young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world”. This is a lofty aim but how do we practically encourage them to take the first... more

Writing a job description - top tips4 February 2020

One of the most important things school leaders do is to hire the right people.Hiring great talent starts with attracting great talent. Here’s a list of top tips for creating effective, engaging and... more