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Inquiry-based 2 October 2019

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." (Albert Einstein)One of the six IB approaches to teaching is that it is inquiry based. This supports... more

IB Approaches to Teachingfree5 October 2019

"Educators need to think of themselves as designers of learning...We are convinced that we need to move rapidly to the place where all learners feel connected and all learners are able to self-regulate... more

IB Approaches to Learningfree2 October 2019

The IB approaches to learning are a set of strategies and skills. They pay especial attention on how students learn as opposed to merely the content of the learning. These approaches are intrinsically... more

8 TOK Lessons15 October 2017

A series of introductory stand-alone lessons on the eight Ways of Knowing, Videos and activities to get your students (and staff) started on thinking like a TOK person!You can use them to introduce Ways... more

Introduction5 June 2018

Strong schools have core values about how children learn, what they should learn and how staff faculties should work together.Here we inquire: What are we teaching for? What do we mean by learning? What... more

Standards and Practices13 February 2019

The programme standards and practices describe what it means to be an IB World School. The standards provide the overarching themes whist the practices provide the definitions and details and show what... more

Evidence informed teaching and learning31 July 2019

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students... more

The Big Picture5 December 2017

This section provides you with presentations and activities to explore the International Baccalaureates' 'big picture' - its philosophy, mission and aims. It identifies key concepts and terms as well... more

Learner Profile Assemblies27 August 2017

A series of stand alone lessons which could be presented in assemblies to the whole school or to individual classes.Each of the lessons focuses in one of the ten IB Learner Profile attributes. more

Evaluation Visit - The Interviews14 October 2019

The evaluation visit assesses the schools’ commitment to excellence in international education and the extent to which the school implements the Diploma Programme.The IB visiting team will use the IB... more

IB Approaches to Teaching and Learningfree1 September 2019

If the individual IB subject guides inform us about what to teach and learn the Approaches to Teaching and Learning Guide describes how to.This page is designed to help you understand the nature of the... more

International Mindednessfree5 December 2017

International-mindedness lies at the very heart of the IB Mission which aims to develop young people "who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect... more

Introduction5 December 2017

This section of the website is designed to help DP Coordinators introduce and implement the programme in a manner that supports the IB mission statement and philosophy, and conforming to the IB standards... more

Top Learner Profile Videos3 October 2019

This page provides you with a quick reference point to the concepts embedded within the learner profile by providing you with the top 10 videos I use in workshops and schools to teach these key ideas.... more

Revised Standards and Practices (2020)22 September 2019

The IB published the revised standards and practices in October 2018. They will come into effect in the later part of 2020. The revised PSPs can be found on 'My IB'.They have been published early so that... more

Academic Honesty Policyfree21 October 2018

The IB requires academic honesty to be embedded into the life of the school. Standard C3 states that "Teaching and learning promotes the understanding and practice of academic honesty." The IB expects... more

The IB Philosophy5 December 2017

An introduction to the IB Philosophy (Standard A) which allows various stakeholders (students, staff, parents etc.) to identify what makes the IB Diploma Programme distinctive.You may find this page helpful... more

A paragraph, sentence, phrase, wordfree15 September 2016

An activity used to explore a text and encourage discussion.[1]This tool can be used in different situations: more

How to plan an IB unit of work6 October 2019

How do you design learning experiences?If you wish to create consistency of practice in your school it is important to agree on the design principles you are going to use when you develop learning experiences... more

What is International-Mindedness?2 October 2019

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

DP Assessment29 December 2017

The IB approaches to teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme make it clear that teaching should be informed by assessment - both formative and summative assessment.Assessment is at the heart of... more

Top Teaching and Learning Videos3 October 2019

With over 600,000 words on this website and hundreds of videos to illustrate lessons and workshops it is sometimes difficult to lay your finger on what you want. You can use the search facility in the... more

Inquiry strategies25 September 2019

At the heart of an inquiry approach to teaching and learning is the art of asking good questions. It has been said that "the true art of teaching is to ask the right questions." The question that arouses... more

Crib sheets for the new IB Standards and Practices22 September 2019

The new IB Programme Standards and Practices framework (2020) invite schools to reflect on their development and growth as an IB World School.The first crib sheet on this page provides a quick overview... more

IB Learner Profile in 10 slides17 September 2019

A quick introduction to the IB Learner Profile using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an IB Education. They... more

DP Coordinators27 May 2018

The Big PictureIntroducing the IB philosophyAligning your mission to the IB missionMaking the IB Learner Profile your ownEmbedding international mindedness in all you doIB terminology -... more

What is an IB Education?12 October 2017

This page focuses on the question 'What is an IB Education?' (WIAIBE) This is the name of one of the seminal IB documents as well as the umbrella term for a suite of workshops that were launched in 2017.... more

Which teaching strategies are effective?11 October 2019

How can you be sure that students are effectively learning what you are teaching?In recent years we have learnt a lot from cognitive scientists about how students learn, and what teachers do to ensure... more

Establishing an ATL culture20 October 2018

The IB approaches to teaching and learning are central to delivering on the IB mission. If IB schools are committed to nurturing compassionate lifelong learners who have a passion to change the world... more

What does it mean to differentiate?29 September 2019

In this mini-workshop we will develop an understanding of what differentiation means and why it is important for our day-to-day teaching.The next page will explore how we can differentiate. It will introduce... more

Formative or Summative Assessment?28 September 2019

“As frequently as a chef needs to check a sauce for taste, teachers should check for understanding.” (TeachThought)"Assessment is the bridge between learning and teaching." (Dylan Wiliam) more

HOW can we teach wellbeing?25 September 2019

This page will look at how wellbeing can be nurtured in both the taught curriculum and the caught curriculum (the culture of your school).You will:Activator: We can teach for wellbeing more

How do you promote | market the IB?14 September 2019

The I and the B is a combination of international outlook and a rigorous academic programme that provides a pre-university entry diploma.This page provides you with a resource bank of materials to use... more

Timetabling21 July 2019

The timetable gives a clear vision and picture of school activites. The amount of time you give to activites indicates the importance you give to those activities. Therefore timetable construction is... more

How do you embed ToK in the school?5 July 2019

The IB expects theory of knowledge to be embedded into the culture of the school and thus into every subject. The IB Standards & Practices state that "Collaborative planning and reflection includes the... more

Professional Learning (Development)3 July 2019

Do staff really learn through the professional development opportunities they are offered? What constitutes effective professional learning?The introduction is a reflective exercise on a blog which questions... more

Preparing students for extended essay writing28 June 2019

The PEEL paragraph writing approach is a proven way to help students’ writing process by providing a structure for their writing.PEELPEEL stands for Point, Evidence or Examples, Explain and Link. more

Aligning Mission with IB8 February 2019

The IB is a mission driven organization. It is more than its educational programs. At its heart the IB aims to create a better world through education. Indeed, what could say that the IB mantra is 'education... more

Site Update19 August 2018

A key advantage of using this medium is that the site can be updated and tailored to particular need on a regular basis. I am constantly adding, updating and correcting the site.This page will signpost... more

IB Leadership Pathwayfree19 October 2017

The IB have developed a leadership development programme consisting of a suite of workshops that explore various aspects of leadership. In this section of the wesbite you will examine the key concepts... more

IB Learner Profilefree16 June 2017

The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes which all members of the IB community - students, teachers and leaders - should be encouraged to develop. They represent a broad range of human capacities... more

IB Mission16 June 2017

Why are we IB educators? Why an IB education? What is distinctive about the IB Mission Statement?Why do we educate? What's your definition of a great school? Or put another way, 'what do you want the... more

Teaching and Learningfree6 June 2017

What are we teaching for? What do we mean by 'learning'? An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project 21st century learning needs Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what... more

Synchronized Evaluation Visitfree21 October 2019

IB schools can request that their 5 year evaluation visit is synchronised in time with evaluations from other external agencies with which the school work. One of the key advantages of such a visit is... more

Parent - Teacher Consultations10 October 2019

Parent-teacher consultations are a key contact point between the school and its parents (clients, fee payers). However, they can be fraught with tension on both sides if they are not prepared for well.... more

21st Century Skills1 August 2019

How do I introduce the IB approaches to teaching and learning?When introducing the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning I find it useful to ask colleagues the question 'What skills do our students need... more

DP Coordinator's Handbook22 January 2019

The Diploma Programme Assessment procedures, 2019, (formerly called the Handbook of procedures) is the handbook for DP Coordinators and teachers. It describes the administrative requirements of running... more

DP Coordinator - Job Description2 May 2018

The IB regards the Diploma Coordinator as part of the (pedagogical) leadership team of the school. This is made clear in Standard B1 which states that “The school’s leadership and administrative structures... more

IB Leadership in 10 slides26 October 2017

A quick introduction to IB Leadership and Leadership Intelligences using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an... more

Emotion3 September 2017

The word 'emotion' comes from the Latin verb movere which means 'to move'. Definitions often include words like 'feelings, mood, passions'. Emotional intelligence is our ability to read, use and manage... more