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8 TOK Lessons15 October 2017

A series of introductory stand-alone lessons on the eight Ways of Knowing, Videos and activities to get your students (and staff) started on thinking like a TOK person!You can use them to introduce Ways... more

IB Approaches to Teaching and Learningfree12 August 2018

If the individual IB subject guides inform us about what to teach and learn the Approaches to Teaching and Learning Guide describes how to.This page is designed to help you understand the nature of the... more

Thinking Skills10 June 2019

'Thinkers' is one of the IB learner profile attributes. It is defined "in terms of exercising initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems,... more

ATL & student well-being4 August 2019

What is it that we are trying to teach our students? When we looked at What is the purpose of schools? we noted that education is more than the flight towards academic success and employment, it is about... more

Approaches to Learning in 10 slides25 October 2017

A quick introduction to the IB Approaches to Learning using 10 slides.This set of slides is part of the '10 slides' series intended to introduce teachers and students to key aspects of an IB Education.... more

Inquiry into the Learner Profile14 October 2017

Inquiry is at the heart of the IB approach to teaching and learning.In this activity we inquire into the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. This activity can be used at the beginning of the school... more

IB Learner Profilefree16 June 2017

The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes which all members of the IB community - students, teachers and leaders - should be encouraged to develop. They represent a broad range of human capacities... more

What is an IB Education?12 October 2017

This page focuses on the question 'What is an IB Education?' (WIAIBE) This is the name of one of the seminal IB documents as well as the umbrella term for a suite of workshops that were launched in 2017.... more

IB Mission16 June 2017

Why are we IB educators? Why an IB education? What is distinctive about the IB Mission Statement?Why do we educate? What's your definition of a great school? Or put another way, 'what do you want the... more

Top 10 International Mindedness Videos25 May 2019

This page provides you with a quick reference point to the concepts embedded within international mindedness by providing you with the top 10 videos I use in workshops and schools to teach these key ideas. more

Learner Profile Assemblies27 August 2017

A series of stand alone lessons which could be presented in assemblies to the whole school or to individual classes.Each of the lessons focuses in one of the ten IB Learner Profile attributes. more

Living the IB Learner Profile25 October 2016

The IB describes the Learner Profile as its “mission in action”.Activity 1a: How does the Learner Profile articulate the IB mission?Read the IB Mission Statement here. Use a high lighter to identify... more

Which teaching strategies are effective?free19 August 2019

How can you be sure that students are effectively learning what you are teaching?In recent years we have learnt a lot from cognitive scientists about how students learn, and what teachers do to ensure... more

What is International-Mindedness?13 February 2019

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

Establishing an ATL culture20 October 2018

The IB approaches to teaching and learning are central to delivering on the IB mission. If IB schools are committed to nurturing compassionate lifelong learners who have a passion to change the world... more

Staff Learner Profile10 October 2017

The IB Learner Profile is a profile for all in an IB World School: students, staff, leaders and governors. This is signified by the fact that each of the attributes is prefixed by "we" (i.e. all members... more

Emotion3 September 2017

The word 'emotion' comes from the Latin verb movere which means 'to move'. Definitions often include words like 'feelings, mood, passions'. Emotional intelligence is our ability to read, use and manage... more

Learner Profile as 'Our Culture'18 August 2017

How do we live the IB Learner Profile in all that we do? How do we embed it into the culture of our school?This activity is helpful in (re)-aligning the culture of your school - and especially the staff... more

School Culture10 August 2019

Each school | organisation | district has a culture. It is often tangible when you first step into the building or meet a group of people who belong to the community. On this page we ask:Defining 'Culture' more

What is our school culture?10 August 2019

"Knowing the type of school culture you have will help you plan for the one you want."“Culture is key to a schools success in promoting teacher and student learning. Without addressing the culture,... more

Standards and Practices13 February 2019

The programme standards and practices describe what it means to be an IB World School. The standards provide the overarching themes whist the practices provide the definitions and details and show what... more

Key documents24 January 2019

Whether you are a Candidate School preparing to become authorized by the IB or an established IB World School you need to have a detailed understanding of the following documents, which are closely related... more

DP Coordinators27 May 2018

The Big PictureIntroducing the IB philosophyAligning your mission to the IB missionMaking the IB Learner Profile your ownEmbedding international mindedness in all you doIB terminology -... more

Teaching and Learningfree6 June 2017

What are we teaching for? What do we mean by 'learning'? An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project 21st century learning needs Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what... more

Compass points6 August 2016

Compass points allows individuals and groups to give a response using the points of a compass. Each point encourages them to provide feedback in a slightly different way.As a facilitation tool it can... more

Market Place27 May 2016

The Market Place is a useful collaborative learning tool to collate ideas and share learning quickly amongst a group of people. It works best in a large group and can be used both to carry out pieces... more

Glossary of IB Termsfree2 December 2017

Academic Honesty: The principle that all work presented for assessment should be the candidate's own work.Access: refers to what IB World Schools can do to increase access for students to the Diploma... more

Global Engagement19 September 2017

Is international 'mindedness' enough? Being 'mindful' is also about making a commitment to do something - to inquire, to learn and to serve. Internationally-minded learners actively demonstrate responsibility... more

Quotes that speak to mefree19 August 2017

This tool is a good way of providing stimulus to spark a discussion around a theme of your choice. By providing quotations on a specific theme participants are asked to choose the one which most resonates... more

Elevator Pitch15 September 2016

The Elevator Pitch is a communication tool aimed at helping you articulate your message. The elevator pitch asks you to create a message in a very short time scale so make it clear, concise, compelling,... more

Gallery Walk6 August 2016

This discussion tool enables people to share knowledge and understanding on an issue of choice. more

Culture changefree16 August 2019

Managing change is very much a cultural piece of work for a school leadership team to undertake. By cultural we mean 'the way things are done around here'. The internal culture of the school will often... more

Evidence informed teaching and learning31 July 2019

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students... more

Inquiry-based free19 July 2019

One of the six IB approaches to teaching is that it is inquiry based. This supports the description of the IB learner as 'inquirer' in the IB Learner Profile.But what does it mean to inquire? What does... more

Are you internationally-minded?7 July 2019

A book to challenge all of our views of the world. Bill Gates describes Factfulness by Hans Rosling as "One of the most important books I've ever read - an indispensable guide to thinking clearly about... more

How do you embed ToK in the school?5 July 2019

The IB expects theory of knowledge to be embedded into the culture of the school and thus into every subject. The IB Standards & Practices state that "Collaborative planning and reflection includes the... more

Schools - System Thinking9 June 2019

'Systems Thinking' is at the heart of the revised IB Standards and Practices, that come into effect in 2020.Systems thinking is about understanding the whole of an organization, as opposed to viewing... more

Top 10 (video) series25 May 2019

The Top 10 series intends to provide you with quick reference points.Each set can be used as a stand-alone presentation. However, I have also included links on each page to further materials which you... more

Leadership styles24 October 2018

Effective leaders adapt their style to fit different situations.This page provides different approaches and frameworks to view leadership styles from Kurt Lewin's autocratic-democratic-laissez-faire styles... more

Site Update19 August 2018

A key advantage of using this medium is that the site can be updated and tailored to particular need on a regular basis. I am constantly adding, updating and correcting the site.This page will signpost... more

Magpie Corner24 June 2018

I believe that all good teachers and schools leaders are like magpies – they spot little things that attract their attention and steal them for their own practice. On-going school improvement, the thirst... more

The role of subject leader and coordinator5 June 2018

Subject leaders and coordinators (IB, CAS, TOK etc.) have a key pedagogical role within an IB World School. They have been called 'the engine room of change'. They set the tone and establish the culture... more

Appreciative Inquiry22 January 2018

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a form of professional inquiry and research. It is a tool for change and organizational development. The AI approach builds on positive practice already in existence and asks... more

Concept-driven21 January 2018

Concept-based teaching and learning focuses on broad and powerful organizing ideas both within and across subjects. Concepts help to integrate learning, deepen disciplinary understanding and allows people... more

The Big Picture5 December 2017

This section provides you with presentations and activities to explore the International Baccalaureates' 'big picture' - its philosophy, mission and aims. It identifies key concepts and terms as well... more

International Mindednessfree26 October 2017

How best do we prepare our students to live in a highly interconnected and rapidly changing world?One way in which the IB addresses this is in aiming to develop in each person international-mindedness... more

Knowledge - how do we know?21 September 2017

As educators we are in the business of exploring how humans come to know what they know and making that knowledge relevant to life.So how do we know what wed know and how do we make learning relevant,... more

Intuition13 September 2017

Intuition is a matter of 'trusting our gut'. The actual term, however, is not precise. It can refer to your gut feelings about something or someone (social intuition), how you instinctively respond to... more

Leadershipfree31 March 2017

Your leadership: Where have my concepts of leadership come from? What or who has influenced my leadership? What will guide my approach to leadership? Writing your own Philosophy of Leadership... more

Leader Profile22 November 2016

The IB Learner Profile is a profile for all with an IB World School, including Board members and school leaders. This session will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the extent to which Board... more