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Establishing an ATL culture20 October 2018

The IB approaches to teaching and learning are central to delivering on the IB mission. If IB schools are committed to nurturing compassionate lifelong learners who have a passion to change the world... more

Strategic Planning Process13 September 2016

On this page we will explore the characteristics of successful strategically-focused schools. In doing so we will consider the following:Watch this video which provides an overview of the strategic planning... more

Thinking Skills12 August 2018

'Thinkers' is one of the IB learner profile attributes. It is defined "in terms of exercising initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems,... more

What is leadership?free24 September 2017

This section invites you to think critically about the nature of leadership and its role in schools.It starts by asking how our ideas about leadership have been formed. What or who has influenced my leadership?... more

IB Approaches to Teaching and Learningfree12 August 2018

If the individual IB subject guides inform us about what to teach and learn the Approaches to Teaching and Learning Guide describes how to.This page is designed to help you understand the nature of the... more

DP Coordinator - Job Description2 May 2018

The IB regards the Diploma Coordinator as part of the (pedagogical) leadership team of the school. This is made clear in Standard B1 which states that “The school’s leadership and administrative structures... more

IB Approaches to Learningfree19 August 2018

The IB approaches to learning are a set of strategies and skills. They pay especial attention on how students learn as opposed to merely the content of the learning. These approaches are intrinsically... more

Global Engagement19 September 2017

Is international 'mindedness' enough? Being 'mindful' is also about making a commitment to do something - to inquire, to learn and to serve. Internationally-minded learners actively demonstrate responsibility... more

New Standards and Practicesfree27 November 2018

The IB published the new standards in October 2018. They will come into effect 2020. The new standards can be found on 'My IB'.On this page I highlight the differences between the January 2014 standards... more

Appreciative Inquiry22 January 2018

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a form of professional inquiry and research. It is a tool for change and organizational development. The AI approach builds on positive practice already in existence and asks... more

What is our Global Context?2 October 2017

When we become an IB World School we commit to nurturing our students to live and learn within a global context. 'Global contexts' stands near to the heart of the diagram which describes what an IB education... more

What's my big idea?13 August 2017

The best leaders have a clear and compelling idea of how they are going to make a difference. They create a future that is different and better.What's your big idea? How do you communicate it? more

Are you a change leader?26 January 2017

Click here for a summary of Leading in a culture of change and here for a really helpful workbook that accompanies Leading in a culture of change. The workbook has a number of scenarios you could use... more

Change Managementfree13 September 2016

Change and innovation are an essential part of schools. After all the core business of schools is learning. This includes the need for school leaders to continuously learn about best practice from any... more

How do you embed ToK in the school?free1 December 2018

How do you create a TOK culture in your school?The following are top tips collated from school heads during Administrators' workshopsShared Language: Ensure that you have a shared understanding and language... more

Global Citizen - what does it mean?10 November 2018

What does it mean to be a global citizen?According to Madeleine Green being a global citizen is:Here we explore these themes through film and quotations. This page presents at times controversial resources... more

Change Management Toolsfree9 January 2018

How can school leaders manage change and sustainable development in a constantly changing environment?Change management is a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented and embedded in... more

What is International-Mindedness?22 July 2017

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

Aligning Mission with IB11 June 2017

What does it mean to be an IB World School?The IB is a mission driven organization. It is more than its educational programs. At its heart the IB aims to create a better world through education. Indeed,... more

Leadershipfree31 March 2017

Your leadership: Where have my concepts of leadership come from? What or who has influenced my leadership? What will guide my approach to leadership? Writing your own Philosophy of Leadership... more

Managing change across different cultures21 November 2016

Managing change is a leadership skill in all situations. However, there is an added complexity when you are trying to bring about change in multi-cultural environments.IB schools are often rich diverse... more

Strategic Toolsfree13 September 2016

There are a number of processes in developing a strategy:This section reviews some useful tools that can help you develop your strategy. Click on the title of the tool to take you to a full explanation... more

Visual Metaphor2 August 2016

A metaphor helps us to make sense of something. A visual metaphor uses a visual representation (an image, picture, diagram, sketch, photo collage) to help you to communicate your message in a meaningful... more

Is your school mission clear?8 November 2018

How easily can you repeat your school mission? How easily can other people in your school - students, teachers, parents - articulate your mission?Your mission needs to be known both internally and externally.... more

How do we embed ATL in the classroom?4 October 2018

In this session teachers apply their learning from sessions 1 and 2 to the classroom setting. The key task is to produce a Top Tips list to advice new IB teachers on how to apply the IB Approaches to... more

Writing Vision and Mission Statements25 January 2018

Who are you and where are you going? These are two essential questions for all of us who work in schools.A mission is our identity. A mission statement states what we are, what we stand for. Our mission... more

8 TOK Lessons16 October 2017

A series of introductory stand-alone lessons on the eight Ways of Knowing, Videos and activities to get your students (and staff) started on thinking like a TOK person!You can use them to introduce Ways... more

Communicating my big idea13 August 2017

Once you have your 'big idea' that answers the question 'where' your school organization is headed it is important to communicate it clearly to all.This page considers how you might to do, and looks at... more

A paragraph, sentence, phrase, wordfree15 September 2016

An activity used to explore a text and encourage discussion.[1]This tool can be used in different situations: more

Collaboration and Teamwork27 December 2017

Collaborative learning is all about people learning together. Transformative experiences in learning often take place when people are doing something together, whether it be kinesthetic or cognitively... more

International Mindednessfree26 October 2017

How best do we prepare our students to live in a highly interconnected and rapidly changing world?One way in which the IB addresses this is in aiming to develop in each person international-mindedness... more

Teaching and Learningfree6 June 2017

What are we teaching for? What do we mean by 'learning'? An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project 21st century learning needs Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what... more

Leading in a time of political change15 January 2017

The political context can have a huge impact on your leadership as this case study from Egypt illustrates.In 2012, I moved with my family to Cairo, Egypt, where I was to be Superintendent of Cairo American... more

Strategy implementation3 December 2016

Strategic planning and implementation in international schools faces particular challenges due to the transient nature of the community and the diverse cultural contexts within the community.This page... more

Elevator Pitch15 September 2016

The Elevator Pitch is a communication tool aimed at helping you articulate your message. The elevator pitch asks you to create a message in a very short time scale so make it clear, concise, compelling,... more

Case Study2 August 2016

A case study is the story of an issue or challenge that needed to be addressed in your school. The narrative is told from the point of view of someone in the school who has to respond with a set of actions... more

Artifact - Storytellingfree2 August 2016

This tool encourages story telling - individual or organizational stories.Storytelling is an ancient practice, helping us to share knowledge with context and emotion. It encourages us to share the tacit... more

A Professional Development Programme27 August 2018

Consistency of practice across and within subjects has one of the most significant impacts on student learning and outcomes. It is important that all staff are 'on the same page' and teach in the way... more

Global Competencies18 September 2017

What does it mean to be globally competent? What dispositions, knowledge and skills do I need?We explore the capacities that a globally competent person should embody. In the introductory activator we... more

Developed in global contexts31 August 2017

The concept of being a global citizen has roots in ancient Greece. However, the concept has gained new currency and meaning with the context of 21st century living. ‘Globalization’ is a word often... more

Learner Profile Assemblies27 August 2017

A series of stand alone lessons which could be presented in assemblies to the whole school or to individual classes.Each of the lessons focuses in one of the ten IB Learner Profile attributes. more

Staff Development21 May 2017

Heads know that they can do nothing without the expert work of school staff. Good quality staff development is therefore vital for the future for any school. Successful business devote a significant... more

Introductionfree15 December 2016

This section of the website encourages you to think critically about the nature of leadership: your own leadership and the collective leadership capacity within a school.We explore the various styles... more

Change - implementing the IB28 September 2016

Effective facilitation of pedagogical change takes careful planning.Two change management tools will be used to plan change as part of a schools' ongoing implementation of the IB Diploma Standards and... more

Change Management - Case Study13 September 2016

This case study encourages reflection on issues surrounding managing change in an IB World School.You can face particular challenges in managing change in an international schools due to the transient... more

The culture of my schoolfree13 September 2016

Managing change is very much a cultural piece of work for a school leadership team to undertake. By cultural we mean 'the way things are done around here'. The internal culture of the school will often... more

Heart of the Matterfree1 August 2016

Heart of the Matter is an effective protocol to engage colleagues in discussion about what really matters.It can be used with your leadership team (e.g. to establish priorities), governing body (e.g.... more

Dimensions of Leadership17 July 2016

School leadership is multi-dimensional. Effective leadership requires a wide range of competencies and relationship skills. No leader manifests all of the dimensions all of the time. However the effective... more

Being insightful21 November 2018

The IB describes heuristic intelligence in the following way: " IB leaders develop their own mental shortcuts or make logical leaps of the mind to form an inference of what is the best explanation and... more

How do we develop multiple perspectives?free11 November 2018

International-mindedness starts with understanding ourselves in order to effectively connect with others.Each of us sees the world through the lens of our own life experiences.In this section we explore... more