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What is an IB Education?12 October 2017

This page focuses on the question 'What is an IB Education?' (WIAIBE) This is the name of one of the seminal IB documents as well as the umbrella term for a suite of workshops that were launched in 2017.... more

Concept-driven21 January 2018

Concept-based teaching and learning focuses on broad and powerful organizing ideas both within and across subjects. Concepts help to integrate learning, deepen disciplinary understanding and allows people... more

International Mindednessfree26 October 2017

How best do we prepare our students to live in a highly interconnected and rapidly changing world?One way in which the IB addresses this is in aiming to develop in each person international-mindedness... more

Teaching and Learningfree6 June 2017

What are we teaching for? What do we mean by 'learning'? An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project 21st century learning needs Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what... more

Top 10 International Mindedness Videos25 May 2019

This page provides you with a quick reference point to the concepts embedded within international mindedness by providing you with the top 10 videos I use in workshops and schools to teach these key ideas. more

Thinking Skillsfree10 June 2019

'Thinkers' is one of the IB learner profile attributes. It is defined "in terms of exercising initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems,... more

Evidence informed teaching and learning1 June 2019

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students in their learning, how to structure the learning process, how to provide students... more

What is International-Mindedness?13 February 2019

Education has always been perceived as a national priority. It has been the means of defining, debating and maintaining a nation’s culture from one generation to the next and therefore its very sense... more

21st Century Skills27 May 2019

How do I introduce the IB approaches to teaching and learning?When introducing the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning I find it useful to ask colleagues the question 'What skills do our students need... more

Standards and Practices13 February 2019

The programme standards and practices describe what it means to be an IB World School. The standards provide the overarching themes whist the practices provide the definitions and details and show what... more

IB Approaches to Teaching and Learningfree12 August 2018

If the individual IB subject guides inform us about what to teach and learn the Approaches to Teaching and Learning Guide describes how to.This page is designed to help you understand the nature of the... more

Useful videos on pedagogy23 July 2018

This page provides you with practical tools to use in a staff workshop to review and discuss pedagogy - how you teach and how students learn.Each video is part of Tom Sherrington's Kitchen Pedagogy series... more

DP Coordinator - Job Description2 May 2018

The IB regards the Diploma Coordinator as part of the (pedagogical) leadership team of the school. This is made clear in Standard B1 which states that “The school’s leadership and administrative structures... more

Academic Honesty Policyfree21 October 2018

The IB requires academic honesty to be embedded into the life of the school. Standard C3 states that "Teaching and learning promotes the understanding and practice of academic honesty." The IB expects... more

Learner Profile25 June 2018

This page provides examples of how schools have embedded the IB Learner Profile in school life.Ardingly College, an IB World School in the United Kingdom, has added the following attributes to the existing... more

How do you become an expert teacher?29 April 2019

What makes teaching effective? What makes learning effective? What's the difference between an experienced teacher and an expert teacher?This page provides an introduction to the work of Professor John... more

Sharing practice - Pineapple PD23 September 2018

One of the best pieces of advice I received as a school leader going into my first headship was to catch people doing good things and celebrate them. Affirming good practice has a multiplier affect. more

A Professional Development Programme27 August 2018

Consistency of practice across and within subjects has one of the most significant impacts on student learning and outcomes. It is important that all staff are 'on the same page' and teach in the way... more

Magpie Corner25 June 2018

I believe that all good teachers and schools leaders are like magpies – they spot little things that attract their attention and steal them for their own practice. On-going school improvement, the thirst... more

DP Coordinators27 May 2018

The Big PictureIntroducing the IB philosophyAligning your mission to the IB missionMaking the IB Learner Profile your ownEmbedding international mindedness in all you doIB terminology -... more

IB Resources22 November 2016

This section signposts some very good downloadable resources for you to use. They can be used to introduce international mindedness if you are a Candidate School, or to encourage reflection and review... more

A paragraph, sentence, phrase, wordfree15 September 2016

An activity used to explore a text and encourage discussion.[1]This tool can be used in different situations: more

Research - the HOW TO collaborate14 May 2019

Not all group work leads to learning. So what does research tells us about what works and what doesn't?Collaboratibe learning is "a learning approach which involves pupils working together on activities... more

Diploma Subjects25 February 2019

Which subjects should you offer students? How will you help colleagues plan their teaching and align this with IB philosophy?This page explores some of the key issues in developing a diploma programme. more

The Library27 June 2018

In June 2018 I co-facilitated an IB Understanding Leadership workshop in the library of Enka Okullari School, Istanbul. I magpied the following two simple ideas.Student reviews of books. more

Approaches to Teaching and Learning16 December 2017

Although PYP and MYP teachers will be familiar with the IB approaches to teaching and learning some Diploma Programme teachers will less familiar, not least because it was only in 2015 that the IB started... more

Inquiry-based free8 July 2017

One of the six IB approaches to teaching is that it is inquiry based. This supports the description of the IB learner as 'inquirer' in the IB Learner Profile.But what does it mean to inquire? What does... more

Leadershipfree31 March 2017

Your leadership: Where have my concepts of leadership come from? What or who has influenced my leadership? What will guide my approach to leadership? Writing your own Philosophy of Leadership... more

Case Studies - International-Mindedness22 November 2016

This section provides case studies showing how three schools embed international-mindedness in all that they do.You can use these case studies as a reflective tool to explore what international-mindedness... more

Dimensions of Leadership17 July 2016

School leadership is multi-dimensional. Effective leadership requires a wide range of competencies and relationship skills. No leader manifests all of the dimensions all of the time. However the effective... more

Top 10 (video) series25 May 2019

The Top 10 series intends to provide you with quick reference points.Each set can be used as a stand-alone presentation. However, I have also included links on each page to further materials which you... more

DP Coordinator's Handbook22 January 2019

The Diploma Programme Assessment procedures, 2019, (formerly called the Handbook of procedures) is the handbook for DP Coordinators and teachers. It describes the administrative requirements of running... more

Sculpture18 November 2018

In October 2018 I visited Kent State University to co-facilitate leadership workshops in the School of Education. I was especially taken by a small sculpture garden they had created on the campus, known... more

How do we embed ATL in the classroom?4 October 2018

In this session teachers apply their learning from sessions 1 and 2 to the classroom setting. The key task is to produce a Top Tips list to advice new IB teachers on how to apply the IB Approaches to... more

School Improvement Tool25 September 2018

The Education Endowment Foundation have produced this useful tool to help pedagogical and school leaders tackle problems and bring about school improvement.What are the key aspects of your - subject department,... more

What makes teaching and learning effective?15 September 2018

An introductory video stresses the importance of relationships to learning.Two videos introduce this consideration of what makes teaching and learning effective. The first is set in a traditional Chinese... more

Unit Planning18 August 2018

How important is it to plan your teaching in advance? General Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”If course planning... more

Pedagogical Leadership Workshop31 July 2018

This module explores the middle leaders role as pedagogical leaders.Each of the following sessions will take between 60 and 90 minutes.Session 1: Being a pedagogical leader describes this role as the... more

The role of subject leader and coordinator5 June 2018

Subject leaders and coordinators (IB, CAS, TOK etc.) have a key pedagogical role within an IB World School. They have been called 'the engine room of change'. They set the tone and establish the culture... more

Approaches to Learning Workshopfree25 March 2018

Approaches to Learning underpin the IB understanding of how students learn. This page provides you with a scaffold to deliver a workshop on Approaches to Learning to colleagues in your school.The pedagogical... more

Authorization & Evaluation31 December 2017

In this section of the workshop we look at the key stages of becoming or being an IB World School: Candidacy, Authorization and Evaluation.The pages have been designed for the DP Coordinator to use as... more

PD - Make it personal28 December 2017

Workshops maybe a thing of the past as professional development becomes more personalized.In my blog Making PD Days Work (14 August 2017) I looked at how we can make the most of professional development... more

Toolkits for collaboration19 November 2017

As a school leader you will be responsible for the learning of your staff within your professional learning community. This site is structured around collaborative facilitation tools that you can use... more

Multilingualism13 August 2017

Language and culture are intertwined. Language is a door to a culture. Learning another language is an opportunity to promote intercultural awareness. When we learn a different language we learn how to... more

Tips for authorization20 June 2017

Prior to becoming an authorized IB World School you are a Candidate School.Introducing any new programme involves you in a significant change process. This page looks at some of the challenges of introducing... more

Getting the vision rightfree21 February 2017

The vision for your school is your glue and the foundation of your brand. It underpins the logic of your curriculum and all your decision making, engenders loyalty, frames your successes, strengthens... more

See, Think, Wonder2 August 2016

This tool is one of Harvard's Project Zero Visible Thinking Routines. A description of the routine can be accessed here.This tool can be used to explore a video, a picture, an artifact, or any other representational... more

Plus, minus, interesting2 August 2016

PMI is a lateral and creativity thinking technique developed by Edward De Bono. This tool encourages people to express and evaluate opposing views. It is a way of collating and evaluating ideas in a debate. more

Place Mat2 August 2016

This collaborative tool enables people to think about share and record their ideas and come to a consensus.It is a good tool to use at the beginning of a discussion or debate about an issue. more

Metacognition19 April 2019

Surely it is the essence of a teachers' job to teach students how to learn. Yet for a large part the focus of lessons is on subject specialism. So, how do we teach students how to learn, how to be metacognitive?... more