Quotes that speak to me

The Tool

This tool is a good way of providing stimulus to spark a discussion around a theme of your choice. By providing quotations on a specific theme participants are asked to choose the one which most resonates with them. It encourages them to engage with a topic but in a third person way. By asking them how the quotation resonates with them it also offers an opportunity for people to share personal stories and thus create 'buy in'.

How to use

  • engage people in discussion
  • allow them to tell their story (of significance)
  • aligning group understanding around a theme
  • encourage reflection

As a leader you can use quotations in many ways, some of which could be:

  • When reviewing Vision and Mission of your school. Creating a mission and vision for Student Council, Parent Advisory group etc.
  • When focusing on key terminology from an IB perspective - What does inquiry mean to you?  What do we mean by international mindedness etc.?  What does CHANGE mean for you ? Can staff find quotes that centre on these and choose the most resonant etc.?
  • Making It Happen Quotes. In collaborative meetings have staff select an important quote they want to share. Collate these, share in staff meeting small groups, creating a 'Best of the IB' booklet / poster.
  • To introduce the idea of what is an' " Agreement " to students in a class - following on from this they can create their own Essential Agreement .
  • Collaborative Meeting Quotes. Collect quotes, insights, reflections and new understandings from staff in meetings across the semester / year. Print or collect these to use as mid-year reflection staff meeting or as evidence for Evaluation visit.
  • School-wide language inquiry.  Which quotes resonate with you? Which remind you of your current practice? Which are aspirational?  Which can be a motivational force for you this semester? Have these printed for display in classrooms or staffroom / library.

Activity: Quotation, Notation, Reflection

  • Select quotes on a theme you wish to explore (e.g. mission, leadership, learning, teaching etc.).
  • Ask each person to individually look at the ‘Quotes that Speak to me’. Try to read everyone. Then choose the quote that most speaks to you.
  • Table groups - each person picks a relevant quote. Tell “story” and significance to rest of group and explain how it exemplifies current and future practice.
  • Have a group discussion around the quotes. Which themes come out of your choices – how do the quotes shape your life, how may they affect your work?
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